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, john najarian, josh brown. are you buying stocks today or feeling betber the market? >> no, not really. today is really positive action. we should have bounced here. and we did. especially when you look at apple. it was at a key level of support. today we acted the way it should. i don't know the that this correction has much further to go. i don't think one day's action calls it the end. i would pay specific attention today if you are trading or investing to a follow-through in small caps and emerging markets. that will give you a sign there's more oomph left. if those two areas stayed, i would say take the 1% plus gains and walk today. >> joe, talked about how dangerous it is to be short this market. >> yes. >> after we what we got friday, that more conciliatory tone in washington. >> options expiration has a lot do with what we are see something the marketplace today. i think there's -- certainly short sellers that have been covering on friday. covering again today. now -- technicians will tell you be careful here. you are going to bump up against resistance which is 1382 in the 200
have a lot to talk about with gleg brown and we'll start that in just a moment, but first over to andrew. >>> finance ministers are trying to unfreeze the second bailout package for greece, but first they must agree on how to cut massive debt to a more sustainable level. we'll head to london for details on that. and playing down a deal talk, tom joyce saying his country's currently if talks with at least two firms on a possible sale of its largest business unit. but would only pursue a deal if it created value to shareholders and clients. and mexico's anti-corruption body says it has found no irregularities in its probe of permits given to walmart. two audits still under way. you are remember the "new york times" reported walmart wribed local officials so it could open stores more rapidly. mr. kernen, welcome back. >> thanks. was i out? >> you were. >> friday doesn't count. >> happy thanksgiving. how about that. >> thank you. yeah, friday, nothing -- the mar cut was up, thin trading, but down today. even though these guys are meeting again. in a sign of the slow pace, senior ad
that is not as exposed to the consumer problems that microsoft is. >> josh brown, are you buying any technology on a day when it's underperformed the broader market, when it's underperformed for the past five weeks? >> no. the problem with tech is the larger the names, the less attractive they are. and so when you think about what moves the index, it's the companies that are in the most trouble. intel, hewlett-packard, microsoft, dell, apple is not acting well. go down the list. so we like qualcomm. we're long the name. we've been long for years. we think it's probably the highest quality name out there of -- actually, it's a bigger market cap than intel. but other than that, there's no really big theme. there's no sector that you can point to and say there's huge earrings growth for a large swath of stocks. there are some here and there stories, like rack space, that we're interested in. but other than that, this is not a great sector, not a great time to be in these names. >> joe, give me a quick line as to why you pulled the trigger today on apple? yesterday doug kass, who was bearish, went bullish a
its climb? brown and murphy battle it out. >>> first, our top story. rise above. negative comments from speaker boehner pressuring the market right now. let's take a listen to what the house speaker had to say. >> despite claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. and, secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. >> all right. so you see what happened to the dow jones industrial average. went negative. now it's basically sitting at the flat line. those comments from speaker boehner coming after a meeting with treasury secretary tim geithner and the senate majority leader, harry reid. in fact, harry reid is going to make some comments in a matter of moments which you will see live and will no doubt move the markets one way or the other. let's get straight to the trading action today. in front of me mike murphy, john najarian, joe terranova, josh brown. more of the same, doc. markets up on what seems to be a pretty good day. >> th
be rebounding and it's not, and it's problematic and the 200-day moving average at 1980. >> josh brown, are you hiding in the corner like these guys? >> i don't hide. i agree with them, though. well, look, here's the point. so we've recognized this underlying deterioration and fundamentals in economic outlook for month, but the market didn't seem to care so we were happy to play. that's what i lot of people were doing, let's all be honest about it, but this is that weil e. coyote moment where he realizes how far off the cliff he is and looked down. the market looked down and didn't like what it saw. aside from the election dram is is the discounting of the fact that q-4 earnings are not going to be so hot and we have a lot of question marks in terms of fiscal policy. in the absence of any clarity on that front i just don't see a winning percentage in going out there and trying to buy things that are dropping. i would much rather allow someone else to catch the bottom and me get in after there's some certainty in terms of policy. you're never going to have center oat economy, but at least on pol
the reason we're dropping? let's bring in joe terranova, josh brown to find out. gentlemen, at least that's what i presume you are, is this really an obama selloff or is this the market rally and what is the reason now? >> what the reason is, what the outcome is going to be, really? it doesn't matter. what should matter is what should have happened today. this company is deficient in commonsense at some point this morning the speaker of the house, the president should have walked into a room and said the fiscal cliff that everyone is worried about, we're going to get it done, walk out of the room if they did that, the s&p is unchanged on the day. >> you have so much hope and cynicism. >> after august 2001, we should have learned the lesson and had commonsense. obviously we don't. >> mr. najarian, what is driving the selloff today? >> well, i think what we're seeing is a combination of everything above. it's a combination of germany, obviously that hangover that you're seeing from europe and from the election itself. because of the fact that so many are banking on, what are the i am areas
with the governor and he will do the same. >> you don't really believe that, do you? i mean, governor brown wanted the tax hikes. governor brown is one of the big greenies. he's -- exactly the kind of epa greenie diana first got roth as describing. >> well, you know, we have had a political earthquake here in california after last week. we now have a two-thirds supermajority in the assembly and senate. now for the business community in order for our economy to grow and create jobs in investment, it is really going to be in his decisi decision make what will happen with the legislature to do that. >> you are not too optimistic. democratic legislature and democratic state which is already very liberal, left, right? how -- i don't see a way out for you, sir? >> larry, that's what our jobs are. we are going on move california forward. but we are facing our own incredible hurdle. the government unions are going to be dominating the legislature as they have in the past. that puts us back on the defensive. we were hoping to be on the offensive to change some of these policies. but the governor has indica
.s. economy. >> jerry browne's miracle. >> i'm going to get a bill as well as every other californian asking for money. >> what is your point? >> that will have a negative impact on the california economy and on the u.s. economy. so ron is right. there are parts of the u.s. economy are certainly improving, but there are other parts that have not yet felt a vice that's squeezing on them. >> all right. we got to go. the bell is going to ring shortly, i feel like. we got to go. thank you, everybody. appreciate it. we are heading toward the close and, really, the market is where it was before all the rhetoric came out on the cliff. the dow up 32 points right how it. >> we've heard some democrats made maye be willing to dive off that fiscal cliff. our next guest certainly is not following suit. find out what cuts he's willing to make. >>> another potential cost saver could be ditching the paper dollar in favor of a dollar coin. congress is considering it. could our debt literally kill the dollar bill? we'll talk about that. >>> and later on, i'll be talking exclusively to two of the nation's top
. >> everything has to be on the table, josh brown. we're trying to figure out what the heck to do in the market, how do you make your decisions whether to buy stock here? >> the way we respond is to take a look at the markets here. what are trends telling us? what they're telling us is the bears are in control at the moment. there will be a bounce at some point. a lot of those bounces have faded. for us, we'd rather be liquid. we've been mentioning that on the show. it's not perma bearishness. when things change, we can move. that's been the posture. i will say the only overweight we still maintain is health care. we think that acts the best on the way out of this thing even though over the last month the sector has been down 6%. >> you have a more defensive bent. stephanie link, has this debate and the rancor around it and the inability of our leaders to rise above, has it killed any hopes for a year-end rally? >> well, yeah, certainly if we don't get a fiscal cliff resoluti resolution, certainly. >> is it off the table? >> it depends if we can get something. if we get a can kick i do think we
brown one and i just loved that. he would go to the hispanic latinos rallies and clubs and bodeg a bodegas and rallies. great reporting. thank you very much. now folks, shifting gears. i have another question for you? what company is spending more and more on electric cars even though they have become a huge profit loser? can you believe that? you think this conversation has anything to do with the bail out nation? i do. i think they do. anyway. kissy huggy stay seems to be ending in washington, d.c. where do we go from here? they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. >>> there is good news and there is bad news. let's go to the good news first. up eight months in a row. i'm giving you the year on year. you can see the nice pattern they have got. >> make it is because home prices are doing better. i don't know. but i like it. i got to give you badne news to. poor capital goods. today's number wa
governor brown has said that if his tax hike didn't pass it would mean $6 billion in cuts to education that will happen almost immediately. we will have to see if he makes good on the threats. he says he has nowhere else to cut. if it does pass, it will make california's highest tax rate the highest in the land. millionaires will have to pay 13.3% state income taxes. it would raise the sales tax and raise anywhere from $35 billion to $50 billion over $100 million in lobbying on both sides went into this proposition. at the moment the state says with 17% of the precincts reporting it is trailing. we still have a long night ahead. >> basically part of the security detail just came along and held up a big five minutes. and then moved on. so that, obviously, roused all of us to get up and get ready. we are hopeful that we will hear from mitt romney or whoever will be the table setters to get him on stage. you now know what we know. >> any more talk there as far as the romney camp not wanting to con seed the loss in ohio because the votes were not counted fully? >> no, not really. >> we kno
picking up two additional seats in massachusetts, where elizabeth warren beat the incumbent scott brown. in indiana, congressman joe donnelly beat the controversial richard mourdock. congress remains divides republicans maintain their control over the house of representatives. romney's running mate paul ryan won his re-election campaign for his house seat. >> joining us for more analysis is ron freeman. ron, good morning. >> good morning, kelly. >> ron, what's your initial reaction here to the outcome? what's the biggest impact this is going to have on policy? >> i think the biggest impact it will have on policy is we have a president we know well. we know what his policies are. we know what he's tried to do. the real question is whether the congress will see that the negation approach has not worked for them and they need now to come together to a grand bargain as they face the imminent fiscal cliff, even during the lame duck congress. >> i thought for at least this morning we could put the uncertainty question out of our minds. haven't all of our problems been solved? shouldn't we kno
to be angry phone calls come monday with murdoch scott brown and others. >> absolute ly. >> what else could they have done to get todd akin out of the race. he didn't want to get out of the race and now he's out of it on election day. >> that's the one thing we have to go on. we're still waiting on some of the big states. polls set to close in five more states. >> and here is a look at how the popular vote and electoral vote. the electoral vote is 184 versus 172 obama. ♪ [ female announcer ] today is not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the brick, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we not only honor the oval office, but we honor the cubicle, the open-air office and the home office as well. ♪ today is not just about who rides in air force one, it's about who rides in the 4 door sedan, the 2 door hatchback and the v8 muscle car. ♪ because today it's about all of us. and no matter who you are, or where you live, you're the commander-in-chief of your own life. and that's something that will never change. ♪ a short word that's
are trading the big movers with stephanie link, joe teranova and downtown josh brown. let's get to the election. the two candidates are entering the home stretch. john harwood has the latest from both camps. >> the candidates are racing through the battleground states. the organizations are working to turn out voters. the president will be appearing with bruce springsteen in ohio. jay-z in wisconsin rather. mitt romney is going to new hampshire. twice to virginia. you look at the polls and they are extremely tight. our last nbc news/wall street journal poll shows 48% for obama. 47% for mitt romney. that's as tight as you can be. well within the margin of error. either candidate can win the popular vote. you look at the battleground states and that's where president obama held an advantage. look at final three polls for nbc and the wall street journal. first of all in virginia. key battleground, 13 electoral votes at stake. 48, 47 bavmt look at florida. even bigger. of course the election that deadlocked the 2000 campaign. 49-47 obama. and the state of ohio which most see as the
grandkids, $800 million a month in dividends. >> how do you spend all that? >> i don't know. >> but brown forman is a fantastically performing -- a real winner. you may know this as jack daniels. very successful -- very successful growth company. as has bean. these are very, very cash flow spewing companies and they're giving it to you. i love it. i really do. >> it's amazing. >> we talked about it so long ago after the election you started to see it pop one after another. walmart setting the tone. >> returning capital to share holders is a theme. adt as well increasing its share repurchases this morning. that is another name that they have been coming after. a busy morning for them. >> why do people hate the stock market so much if you wake up in the morning and see a check for $4? it's interesting. >> remember these guys filed a deed and immediately saying we don't like the way of your capital structure. they increased share repurchase now. >> cutting to this issue and i know mayor shapiro is out, i think this pleasure with stocks is not in keeping with what stocks can do for you. >> we
for barack obama. also home to a very high profile senate race between senator scott brown and elizabeth warren of harvard. the woman who set up consumer protection bureau. mississippi is called for mitt romney. six electoral votes there and the state of missouri too early to call. >> new hampshire, we have been waiting on another hotly contested state. too close to call in new hampshire so far. this is four electoral votes and one of the hotly contested states new hampshire too close to call. new jersey, too early to call at this point. 14 electoral votes. this is an important one. too early to call in new jersey. and oklahoma is going to governor romney. governor romney winning oklahoma with seven electoral votes. >> the state of pennsylvania, a critical swing state. obama won it in 2008. 54-44. romney made a late-stage push. it's too early to call in pennsylvania but nbc news is saying that obama has the lead in pennsylvania. the state of rhode island is being called for barack obama. and in tennessee, another high profile senate race between bob corker and mark clafen. tennessee is c
is published by little brown. now lionsgate is trying to figure out how to squeeze yet another film out of the franchise. >> why stop at five? julia, thank you very much. now that we've seen the box office results, how are traders looking to play lionsgate? let's find out from brian stutland. managing member of stutland group. what's the trade on lionsgate? >> we saw one big institutional investor. probably someone managing $100 million or more. the sheer notional size of the trade, they're willing to take a shot to the upside. there's true success to the "twilight," we're near the beginning of the end for "twilight." the question is, hunger gaims, the next one coming object board, do we get more upside? willing to get long about 60,000 shares above 17 with the break-even being at about 17.29. we're seeing some bullish activity. that it continues to roll over, lionsgate continues to be in a good position going forward. with all the creation that "twilight" has been able to do for the company. >> the stock is up 82% year to date. stay tuned for options action, because famed investor. jef
in retail furniture. brown forman in the distillery. it is corporate america. it's not just one group doing this. i made the argument to you during the commercial break. it's good pr if nothing else. >> it's only good pr for the people who don't understand it. yes, i'm getting something back today. but if you look at it as a signal of what's going to happen, what it means for the future growth of the company, i don't think it's such good pr. >> maybe it's a signal about the economy. maybe they're saying they don't have the anything better to do with it. did you see what's happening with taxes likely? it's going to be maybe a tough economy. maybe they telling us this is the best -- and wouldn't you rather have it than blow it on some junky mna deal or hire when it would be a bad time to hire? >> about half of the returns from stocks since 1926 have come from dividends. it's not an insignificant part of the total return over a long period of time. listen, i don't know if companies are really fooling people anyway. if you have all the cash sitting on your balance sheet that's earning zero, tha
. that's helping a number of the retailers today. las vegas sands and brown-forman, both announcing special dividends for the quarter. that's impacting those individual stocks. you'll see more of those special dividends and more moving up of the dividends from january into december if we continue to get talk on this fiscal cliff debate two weeks from now. guys, back to you. >> thank you, bob. thank you very much. let's talk about the market. stephen gallagher is advising investors to buy now. >> larry cantor thinks any significant correction is a buying opportunity. so why are these guests so bullish? they join us to explain. larry, why are you so bullish? >> i don't know about so bullish, but the thing is unless you believe that they're going to let not just the fiscal cliff go over, but that we have no agreement throughout 2013, that means you believe there will be some agreement. the markets may go down from now until then, but then you'll get a bounce. really, there's three possibilities here. one is they don't reach any agreement throughout 2013. because, remember, to get the f
of. brown foreman reports wednesday. this is an interesting one. why? because goldman downgraded it to sell. just last night. i've seen this movie. they were wrong last time. they'll be wrong again. i'm going to bet them a bottle of jack daniels that will be the case. in fact i'll bet them a case of jack daniels that will be the case. if they're close, as we told you we like asina. and i would be willing to be a buyer of that niche retailer ahead of this quarter because of some merger gains i think we'll hear about. but again only on news of setbacks to the fiscal cliff talks. we're not going to go in and buy anything these days. you'll get some representative congressman, senator come on say you stupid idiot. you bought stock and i'm talking on a microphone. i'm sending the stock market down because there's no progress. we have not one but two huge analyst days next week. only one an opportunity to buy. starbucks is coming to town on wednesday. you better get ready for one terrific show as the one and only howard schultz i believe will tell you that business is smoking in so man
against the browns yesterday. they did win. demolition experts attached 300 pounds of dynamite in strategic places and there it went. built in the 1920s, that building, by a cotton tycoon. >>> we talk a lot about how the fiscal cliff will hurt the u.s. but that obscures the pain that will be felt at the state and local levels. our senior economics reporter steve leisman has been doing the math about who falls the hardest if we do go over the cliff. steve? >> if you think about it, it is designed so that there is a lot of pain. the idea of the fiscal cliff, the sequestration, automatic cuts to bring people to the table. we've done, with the help of technology, using diver technology, we dove in to take a look at where federal spending is highest. it is color coated by per capita spending by county here. what you see -- take a look. where it's red it's the highest from 20 all the way up to 175,000. there's actually one county in north carolina where i think hatteras island is where there is a big fema project. along the eastern seaboard a lot of that fema smending. th spending. t
the republicans is massachusetts, where senator scott brown is running a tough fight against elizabeth warren, the democratic candidate. we know that she was so crucial in the creation of the consumer watchdog board down in washington. we see warn ahead of the polling, neck in neck. >> traditionally democratic state? >> ted kennedy's old seat. a point of pride. >> the two states in which republican also early leads in the senate races, missouri and indiana, the republican candidates there sort of stepped in it a couple times. >> social issues have been disastrous for republicans this year, comments about rape and under what circumstances we should allow abortion have been very, very inflammatory in a couple of these races. these not helping republicans who want to take control of the senate this year. >> all right, thanks very much, eamon javers. >>> move over and talk on the house, the senate and the shifting balance of power, pardon my back there folks, ben white, chief economic correspondent with plight skoal still with us. as eamon was pointing out, the balance in both houses could be cri
brown and republican state treasurer josh mandel. too close to call in ohio, guys. >> we'll come back to you in a little bit. talkings west virginia, john, that robert byrd speak really brings us back to a different time. >> and makes the point about how far that state has flipped. joe manchin won that seat in 2010 with a television ad that showed him shooting a bullet through a piece of legislation that president obama had sponsored. it shows how unpopular the president was in that state. >> want to talk about ohio tonight where many believe this election could be won or lost. scott cohen is live on the ground in columbus. good evening. >> good evening, carl. as the world watches ohio, ohio is watching ohio. ohio state university and election night is an event. we have several hundred students from all political persuasions that are watching here. remember, no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. that's not to say that governor romney can't do it, but it makes it a lot harder if he does not win. that explains why the governor was in ohio twice in the last 24 hours
. in an election year and a nonelection year. that's all squarely in front of us. >> josh brown, do you have a question? >> hi, craig. three out of four companies that reported in the s&p 500 and have given guidance for the quarter have something negative to say. in addition to which there is really only one period of time in modern history where we have had an earnings recession that didn't coincide with a broader recession to the actual economy. why do you think this might be different? what are you seeing that maybe the market isn't because we have been trapped in this range for a while. >> terrific. we have been stuck in the secular bear market for 12 years now. >> correct. >> what i find interesting is when you look at 1982, 1982 is when we saw a relative strength roll over in our work in the energy sector and in the basic materials sector. that's exactly what we are seeing again. energy and basic materials have rolled over several months ago. that's what we saw in '82. >> craig, we have 30 years forward in terms of a global economy. you just can't look at what the market did in 1982. c
out there. dillard's and lvs are two big names. >> how about j.j. brown forman is doing it as well. the list gets bigger by the day. >> yeah. it wouldn't surprise me to see this continue as john and steve talked about, cash-rich companies. many think it's because they make jack daniels, and they think we may need some as we head towards the fiscal cliff. >> doc, if you want a best guess on who is next, what kind of names? >> i'd like at microsoft and apple, quite frankly. the reason is big insiders, steven jobs widow is a huge shareholder over at apple. the board members and insiders are huge there, and then microsoft, bomber and gates huge insiders. they can take this money after the table at 15%. why wouldn't you, judge? >> weiss. >> i agree with apple. i hadn't been in that camp before, but with all the cash they have it's impossible to buy anybody else, although i'm sorry to hear r.i.m. may be in consideration. they have to give a dividend out there. the cash isn't earning anything on the balance sheet. give it to shareholders and make people happy and draw others into the stoc
? the name of the thing is good, bad, ugly. >> those are good looking legs. >> with the brown suspenders that day. >> bow leg. >> my legs were straight, i would be about 6'7". birds could fly through my legs. just saying. >> all right. we got to take a break. we got your first move tomorrow when we come right back. [ male announcer ] the markets keep moving. make sure the news keeps coming with thinkorswim by td ameritrade. use the news links breaking stories with possible breakout stocks, options with potential opportunity, futures and forex with in-depth analysis. it's an all-you-can-eat buffet for all things trading. thinkorswim by td ameritrade. it doesn't just deliver news. it's making news. trade commission free for 60 days, plus get up to $600 when you open an account. plus get up to $600 if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teach
acquisitions. certainly nothing to point to at this point. >> it's josh brown, i'm not sure which of you is covering supply chain. there's been this persistent chatter that at a certain point apple's going to try to do its own semis and not use some from the likes of qualcomm. is that something that investors in general should think about over the reality of the near term? or is that just merely chatter? >> that's wrong. a couple things to think about. they do their own applications processor, and they've been doing that for a long time. what qualcomm provides is a base band architecture, basically the radio for the phone. that is not something apple's going to have an easy time replicating. i can see them integrating more closely. but in terms of making their own, i think it's a very unlikely situation. >> stephanie link? >> can you speak to the gross margin concerns? i think that is one of the res whck has pulled back. and i noticed that you guys have a lower than consensus expectation for gross margin. could you speak to that, please? >> it's interesting. if you look at a couple of th
in massachusetts is the dead heat contest for the senate between scott brown, the republican, and elizabeth warren, the democrat. voter turnout could top 70%. some 3 million plus votes being cast in one of the most closely watched senate races in the country that could very well determine the balance of power in the senate in the next congress. >> the difference is that scott brown is popular. he is popular. and has been for his entire term. but so is elizabeth warren. and so the question is for independents you get two popular people, who are you going to pull the lever for? >> reporter: now, governor mitt romney literally has miles to go before we see him on the stage behind me. he's off for election day campaign style events in both ohio and pennsylvania. nothing conventional about this particular campaign. mitt romney out there on election day. simon? >> testament to how close is still is. hampton pearson there at the romney headquarters and of course tonight cnbc special report. your money, your vote begins at 5:00 eastern. up for grabs, 33 senate seats, 445 house seats and the presidency of
. >> it looked like a twinkie, but it was brown chocolate, but i don't know what -- and it had the cream in the center. >> was it rolled? >> no, it wasn't rolled. p. >> i know it looked like a twinkie because chocolate twinkie. >> i had one friday and it had been so long. it was good. >> and that bread is supposedly isn't very good. >> wonder bread. >> but they also have a wheat brand i think. >> in tech news, the u.s. international trade commission will review a judge's decision that apple didn't violate samsung patents when it made the ipod touch, the iphone and the ipad. in september, an administrative law judge said apple was innocent of violating those patents. up like $30 yesterday or something. and check out the shares of yahoo!. they reached their highest level in 18 months. analysts say investor confidence is growing that marissa mayer can pull off a comeback. >> is is that possible? >> we can all hope. i want everybody to succeed. >> do you want bad people to succeed? >> bad in what way? >> i mean bad people. do you want bad products, bad companies? >> no, no, but i want people
facilities and other companies use brown boot camp as a model. it's not for everyone. but that means the drivers who do make it through are more than ready for the holiday rush. krist chr kristen you tod kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> i'm surprised they have to go to that extent, but it makes sense. sgle . >> every second counts. cyber shopping is so important. does it change at all the nature of holiday sales or is the point really just how much consumers are spending, period? >> there seems to be some structural shifts. it seems sales are starting earlier every year, creeping in to thanksgiving and more is being done online. this is very important for each retailer and equity analysts, but from a macroeconomic point of view, it's not actually that relevant. there is very little relationship between what happens on black friday or cyber monday and how the whole holiday shopping season goes. it's a myth that if it's good black friday, you get a great holiday season. but that isn't actually the case and arguably it goes the other way p i think that what happens is households have a fi
of how the retailers are faring there. monday on "squawk" we've got motorola ceo greg brown, part of the fix the debt campaign, we'll get his thought on fixing the fiscal cliff and what it means for his company and the economy. "squawk" is coming back in two minutes. want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? >>> >>> welcome back to "squawk box" everyone on this black frid
at the paralympics in london. the second former prime minister gordon brown. >> has he appeared in your nightmares? >> his ears scare me and his record, both of those things so overwhelmingly frightening. did you see this about simpson-bowles, huge new effort, campaign to fix the debt founded by simpson and bowles thursday will announce a dramatic increase in its drive to mobilize corporate and grassroots support for congress to make tough choices on this. can we get them on? they raised 35 million since july. >> and dave cote is the leader of this group. they'll be ramping it up. they already have 80 s&p 500 ceos. i think we should open the platform. >> you know how to reach them. >> i'll e-mail dave right now. >> good. >>> the looming fiscal cliff in the u.s. not the only threat on the horizon. our next guest says -- you guys want to keep talking? >> you shouldn't get distracted from that. you're a pro. go ahead. >> just keep going, okay, i just want to make sure. >> wouldn't you like to get simpson and bowles? >> we can get them, absolutely should. let's just get to him, mark grant, got a lot o
billion for that company but they wouldn't pay it now. >> wow, wow. >> unbelievable. josh brown, frequent guest on "the halftime" today said they have destroyed 10 billion of a $12 billion original cap. this ipo was a war crime. >> a war crime? >> invokes nuremberg. >> have you mentioned, evercore going to $2 price target -- >> he starts by saying we missed our revenue expectations by meeting our operating profitability? wow. meeting what? meeting what? fiscal cliff. >> here on "squawk on the street" interviews with the interviews of priceline and diagio making a $2 million bet on india. one more look at futures, once again, negative actions here. we'll see how we close out this crazy week. >>> a few travel websites are hooking up. priceline going to buy kayak working out to $1.8 billion. it comes just about four months after kayak went public. priceline ceo jeffrey boyd will discuss the deal exclusively on "squawk on the street" at 11 a.m. eastern time. this is a tricky deal, jim, because kayak makes money by referring to the likes of a priceline and expedia. now priceline doesn't have t
of the companies are doing poorly. i don't think that they are natural candidates. we look at brown-forman doing well. costco doing well. i don't know. i would be -- i like yahoo! very much. i think she's doing a remarkable job. she's talking about using that money to do good things. maybe a waste to give it back immediately to shareholders. >> for a company like apple, to keep that much cash on the balance sheet is almost -- they say they are taking a fiscally disciplined approach to managing cash. some would argue that it's fiscally undisciplined in having so much cash on your balance sheet and not using it toward better things or things that would yield more for shareholde shareholders. the stock has declined a lot since its highs. if they issue a special dividend, people would step in and buy the stock or at least hold onto it putting a floor in there. i don't know. maybe that's temporary. maybe that's enough until they get through the holiday season. >> if they beat the quarter and stock goes higher, nice to have a special dividend. i would like them to make the money and buy twitter and ya
's all cleaned up. >> the ohio is still brown, gross. >>> joining us for the next hour to talk about this election from the business perspective is ken langone, home depot, co-founder, chairman and president of invamed associates. we'll talk about your great charity and the langone medical center in a second. you're going to be with the governor tonight. >> yes, i am. >> and you are, how many electoral votes is he going to win? >> i think 300 or more. >> which states is, in your view will he pick? >> pennsylvania was gone a week a ago. it's now in play, wisconsin, iowa, this, believe me, the electoral college goes both ways, and i think the fact that a sitting president hasn't got 50%. >> in approval rating? >> the votes. >> the votes in one poll i think he has it. >> the only poll that matters is the poll that's happening today and whatever happens we're going to survive as a country. the important thing to me is that if the president wins, gets reelected he's going to have to understand he doesn't have a mandate. he does not have a mandate. >> does romney have a mandate, if you bea
mike brown, it was a three-year deal worth $12 million and this hire comes after rumors over the weekend the lakers were in discussions to retire former coach phil jackson. >>> when we come back on "squawk," getting a deal on debt, douglas holtz-eakin will talk to us about avoiding the fiscal cliff, although our last guest wondered whether we should. it's getting wild in the green room this morning. the top brass at animal planet ready to pounce on a fiscal cliff solution. we're going to ask this porcupine if lawmakers are actually just chasing their own tails. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 this morning, i'm going to trade in hong kong. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 after that, it's on to germany. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then tonight, i'm trading 9500 miles away in japan. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with the new global account from schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i hunt down opportunities around the world tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 as if i'm right there. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and i'm in total control because i can trade tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 directly online in 12 markets in their local currencies. tdd#: 1-800-345-
'm thinking charlie brown when they put the stuff on it. >> looks much -- >> beautiful tree. >> yeah, it does. >> now let's talk about impact 2012, some of the biggest investment advisers getting together at this yearly invite only event. cnbc's the only exclusive business there today. and i hope i get this right, michael mauboussin. >> it's mauboussin. it took me 12 years to learn that. >> thank you, michael. michael is legg mason's chief investment strategist, and good morning to you. let's talk about luck. you have a book that talks about whether it's skill or luck. you've been in this business a long time. what is the answer? >> i think the way to think about this, andrew, is a continuum of life which some things are skill and no luck, running races and swimming meets and all luck and no skill which would be lottery and roulette wheels and that type of thing. turns out if you look at the continuum depending on the time period you measure, investing turns out close to the luck side. i want to be clear there is, i believe, differential skill among investors. but because investors are so ski
. when we come back, what can brown do for your holiday shopping? last year u.p.s. delivers 480 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. will they beat that number this year? we'll find out with the president of their u.s. ops joins us next. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. part of a whole new line of tablets from dell. it's changing the conversation. ♪ syou know, i've helped alot ofof people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) awhat strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save
it with some vegetable oil. that's going to give it that nice golden brown. >> how do you feel about indoor fryers? >> those are great. indoor fryers, outdoor fryers. >> i'm afraid of those. >> it's great, it's quick. it's about 3 1/2 minutes or minutes per pound. >> and you take the stuff and the paper out before you cook it too. >> yes, you do. >> remove that. don't leave that in. >> remove it. >> what's the best alcohol to drink -- besides wild turkey. was there a stuff -- red or white, sue? >> you can go either way. chardonnay's great with a turkey. so it's really, you know, it's a good thing to have your guests bring too. they can bring their favorite wine or cocktail and have a good time with it. >> they should bring something. besides just -- >> that's right. you shouldn't do all the work. >> it's all about spending time with the family. >> well, i'm a bourbon and butter ball guy. >> you're bourbon and anything. >> it's true. >> sue, thank you very much. we appreciate it. once again, we always have fun. thank you. >> have a happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> you're going to see that
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